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FigrCollage Help: Learn to Make a Collage of Figures & Shapes

by FigrCollage Team | Last updated April 5, 2017

FigrCollage Help

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Quick Start Video (Must Watch)

This video gives a brief overview of FigrCollage. The video uses Mac OS X software for the demo, but it can be used by Windows users as well because the Windows PC software has similar user interface and functionality.

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Recommendations for Shape

A shape with fine lines, complex patterns, very small text, and intricate features would require a large number of very small photos to represent. On the other hand, a simple shape can easily be created and represented using fewer and bigger photos.

Here’s a comparison of two shapes — the world map and the home. 

World Map & Home Shape
World Map Collage

Clearly, the world map is a very complex shape with fine details, and it requires smaller cells to represent. 

As shown below, a simple shape such as a home can easily be represented using fewer bigger photos.

Home Collage
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Use a Custom Shape

If you can’t find a shape of your choice in the standard set of shapes that come along with FigrCollage, you can use any shape of your choice. Here’re the steps to use a custom shape:

1. Use an image editor of your choice to create a picture using a white background with the shape represented using black color. For example, here’s a sample custom shape:

Placeholder Picture

2. Save this image to a jpg or png file.

3. In FigrCollage, go to Shape section in Settings, click "Use Picture" as shape and select the custom image that you had saved in the previous step. 

4. You would be presented with an option to crop the selected shape and make some optional adjustments. Once you complete these, you’d be ready to use your custom shape.

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Cell Style

You can select a Rectangular, Hexagonal, Circular, or Freeform cell for your picture collage. Here’s a comparison of the various cell types:

Circle Collage
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Cell Size When Using Rectangular Cells

Rectangular tile cells can have an aspect ratio of 1 : 1 (Square), 4 : 3, 3 : 4, 3 : 2, 2 : 3, 16 : 9, and 9 : 16. 

Pictures that have a different aspect ratio are automatically center cropped for example the following sample photo shows how a picture will be automatically cropped for a 1 : 1 cell.

Center Cropping Tile Picture
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You can set a color for your figure collage background. You can also use a transparent background. When using a transparent background, you should export your image as a PNG file because JPEG files don’t support transparency.

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Use each picture at least once

You obviously want that each one of your pictures appears somewhere in the output collage.

Starting from version 2.5.9 and newer, FigrCollage ensures that each picture is used at least once in the collage — so that no picture gets left out of the collage.

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